(Updated October 1st, 2011)

BOSTONWRESTLING.COM powers The Millennium Wrestling Federation. Based in Melrose, Massachusetts, the MWF was the vision of Dan Mirade and Neil Manolian, established in January of 2001, inspired by the late "Boston Bad Boy" Tony Rumble.  John Cena Sr. became minority owner in September 2007, purchasing Mr. Manolian's partial company stock.  The MWF's goal remains to provide wrestling fans with quality wrestling featuring hungry young athletes and national superstars with a heavy dose of respect to wrestling's history.  The MWF presented it's first show on September 28th, 2001 and has been the leader in New England wrestling since.  The company expanded into the Carolina's in November 2010.  At the MWF's 10th anniversary event, it was announced that the organization would relocate to NC in April 2012

The MWF's first television program, MWF Xtra, debuted Labor Day weekend in 2002 hosted by Dan Mirade, The Jackal and Dr. Von Johnson (along with special guest Tiger Mulligan).  Xtra was a weekly half hour program that had 57 episodes before debuting MWF ULTRA on October 12th, 2003.  ULTRA's format changed, becoming a monthly, one hour special in October 2004.  In addition to it's community television airings all over New England, web-casts of ULTRA became available on-line and in-demand in May 2005 and has been viewed by tens of thouands fo fans in over 50 countries.  MWF Xtra:  The John Cena Show returned in 2008.  MWF Superstar Zone, a new monthly 30 minute program featuring a selected superstar or activity/event each month, debuted in May 2010.  President Cena announced that ULTRA would be replaced by MWF Cyberstarz as the organizations primary monthly program beginning in April 2011.

The Millennium Wrestling Federation prides itself on our on-going Keep The Kids Off The Streets Campaign, presenting live events as an alternative to at risk youths.  The MWF has raised thousands of dollars for worthy causes throughout New England at our various fundraising events.  MWF events and superstars have been highlighted on such television, radio and newspapers such as The Boston Globe, The Howard Stern Show, KISS 108FM, the Eddie Andleman Show, CN8 Sports Pulse, ESPN Radio and many others.  The MWF has worked on events outside of live wrestling as well, including two Boston premieres of WWE and Lionsgate's "The Condemned" with a Q&A with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Iron Sheik appearing on the Hi-Fi Network in Toronto and promoting the Wrestling's Living Legends reunion the morning of WrestleMania 23 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada (featuring the first appearance of Ax and Smash Demolition together in sixteen years!).  We've partnered with the Boston Blazers to bring the SOUL SURVIVOR VII press conference to the TD Boston Garden in February 2011 with Shelton Benjamin, teamed with TGI Friday's restaurants to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation, along with our work with Big Brothers, Special Olympics, the American Red Cross and other quality youth organizations.


Tiger Mulligan won the SOUL SURVIVOR Competition
MWF SOUL SURVIVOR I * May 31st, 2003 * Lynn, MA
(Mulligan pinned John Brooks in the finals of the first of it's kind SOUL SURVIVOR competition, outlasting sixteen wrestlers.  Bobby "The Brian" Heenan presented Mulligan with the championship)

"Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage def. "Slyck" Wagner Brown
MWF ULTRA * October 12th, 2003 * Melrose, MA
(At SOUL SURVIVOR, Brooks injured Mulligan's knee with a steel pipe.  Commissioner Von Johnson and the Millennium Wrestling Federation Board of Directors stripped Mulligan of the championship after he was unable to defend it within a reasonable period of time.  Brown and Kage were deemed the top two contenders for the championship and wrestled on the first edition of ULTRA for the vacant title)

Todd Hanson def. "Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage
MWF SOUL SURVIVOR IV * August 4th, 2007 * Somerville, MA

"Slyck" Wagner Brown def. Rick Fuller & Scott Reed &
Max Bauer & "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards & Brian Fury
MWF NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS * June 28th, 2009 * Melrose, MA
Todd Hanson was forced to vacate the MWF Heavyweight Championship due to a serious injury sustained at the hands of "MWF Stalker" Dylan Kage.  President Cena set up a Championship Competition where the winners of each match would advance to this All Star Challenge Match.   Slyck
defeated Antonio Thomas - Rick Fuller defeated Executioner Milonas - Brian Fury defeated Luke Robinson - Max Bauer defeated Beau Douglas - Eddie Edwards & Scott Reed beat each other with a double-pin, with President Cena deciding to let both men advance instead of a double elimination

Shelton Benjamin def. "Slyck" Wagner Brown
MWF SOUL SURVIVOR VII * March 19th, 2011 * Melrose, MA

"Slyck" Wagner Brown def. Shelton Benjamin
MWF NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS * June 4th, 2011 * Bridgeport, CT

Low Ki def. "Slyck" Wagner Brown
MWF X * September 17th, 2011 * Melrose, MA
This was an unscheduled match ordered by ex-President John Cena Sr., who gave himself executive
powers for the MWF's 10th Anniversary Bash.


Todd Hanson & Beau Douglas won Tag Team Title Royal Rumble
MWF IRON SHIEK APPRECIATION NIGHT * August 5th, 2005 * Blackstone, MA
(After Hanson & Douglas outlasted nine other teams in the Royal Rumble, the defeated the other team
still standing, The Islanders in a tag team match under Texas Tornado style rules to win the titles)

The Canadian Superstars def. Todd Hanson & Beau Douglas
MWF ZERO TOLERANCE * May 20th, 2006 * Braintree, MA

Beau Douglas & Road Dogg def. The Canadian Superstars
MWF SOUL SURVIVOR IV * August 4th, 2007 * Somerville, MA

The Canadian Superstars def. Beau Douglas & Road Dogg
MWF HALLOWEEN HORROR * October 27th, 2007 * Salem, MA

Beau Douglas & Jackson Blue def. J-Busta & Jason 'Rumble'
MWF NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS * June 21st, 2008 * Somerville, MA
(President Cena declared that any two members of The Uprising faction could defend the titles that night due to the Canadian Superstars constantly no-showing events to avoid losing their titles.  J-Busta announced that Dave Cole was fired from The Uprising and selected Jason 'Rumble' as his partner)

Beau Douglas & Road Dogg def. J-Busta & Jimmy Jact Ca$h
MWF SOUL SURVIVOR V * November 15th, 2008 * Melrose, MA
(The MWF Tag Team Titles were held up the week of the event by the MWF Board of Directors after Jackson Blue was hospitalized by the MWF "Stalker".  Douglas was able to pick the partner of his choice to compete against The Uprising.  John Cena Sr. was the guest referee for the match;  "Cowboy" Bob Orton was the bodyguard for Busta & Ca$h)

Antonio Thomas & J-Busta def. Beau Douglas & John Cena Sr.
MWF SOUL SURVIVOR VI * April 24th, 2010 * Melrose, MA
John Bradshaw Layfield promised the debut of the latest member of his Uprising faction and J-Busta
introduced Antonio Thomas as his mystery partner.  Then current champion Road Dogg no-showed the
event citing "confusion"  over his tour of Canada.  Seeing a locker room of superstars that was already
booked, President Cena stepped up to the plate & took Road Dogg's place.

Rick Fuller & "Executioner" Brian Milonas
MWF SOUL SURVIVOR VII * March 19th, 2011 * Melrose, MA
Fuller & Milonas were the final two men in the In It To Win It Tag Team Title Royal Rumble


"Die Hard" Eddie Edwards def. "Mr. 630" Jerelle Clark
MWF ULTRA * February 5th, 2005 * Bellingham, MA
(Edwards defeated Todd Hanson and Vince Vicallo before pinning Clark in the tournament finals)

Tommaso Ciampa def. Eddie Edwards & AJ Styles
MWF FULL THROTTLE * September 29th, 2007 * Somerville, MA
(This was Ciampa's MWF debut as Johnny Fabulous' Million Dollar Investment)

"Black Machismo" Jay Lethal def. Tommaso Ciampa
MWF NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS * June 21st, 2008 * Somerville, MA

"Straight Edge" Brian Fury def. "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal &
"Slyck" Wagner Brown & "Hurricane" John Walters
MWF SOUL SURVIVOR V * November 15th, 2008 * Melrose, MA
(Fury won this 30 minute 4 Way Iron Man Match, pinning Lethal in the only pinfall of the match)


"War Hawk" Dylan Kage def. Joey Silvia
MWF TALK TRASH GET BASHED - November 13th, 2010 - Pembroke, NC
(Kage - with manager Paul Bearer - pinned Silvia in the tournament finals)


1st Annual - Todd Hanson
2nd Annual - Bull Montana
3rd Annual - Ox Baker
4th Annual - Rick Fuller
5th Annual - Chase Delmonte


2005 - "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards
2006 - "Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage
2007 - Todd Hanson
2008 - "Million Dollar Investment" Tommaso Ciampa
2009 - "Slyck" Wagner Brown
2010 - "Slyck" Wagner Brown

In Order Of Appearance

"Slyck" Wagner Brown
April Hunter
"Straight Edge" Brian Fury
The Widowmaker
El Mascarado
"Big Shot" Ralph Lano
Mike Lano
"Real Deal" Joel Davis
"Superfly" Jimmy Snuka
Jaimie Pain
Mike Steele
Tiger Mulligan
Judas Young
Commissioner Von Johnson
Chris Chetti
Road Dogg
Little Guido (WWE's Nunzio)
Grandmaster Sexay
Scott Duffany
"Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage
Chris Harvard (WWE's Christopher Nowinski)
Nova (WWE's Simon Dean)
Rick Fuller
Paulie Gilmore
Jason Rumble
Beau Douglas
Mel Simons
Dan Mirade
The Jackal
"Hollywood" Rob Robinson
Joe Harvard
Vanity Vixxxen
Scott Turner
"2Xtreme" John Brooks
Bull Montana
"Mr. Spotlight" Jeff Starr
"Sure Thing" Ryan Wing
Tony Gangsta
Gino Marktino
D.C. Dillinger
"Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz
Jose Perez
Todd Hanson
Mercedes Martinez
Ox Baker
Jeff Roberts
John Sullivan
Talia (TNA Knockout Velvet Sky)
"Die Hard" Eddie Edwards
"Hoochie Playa" Danny Jaxx
Andy Jaxx
Avil Graves
Del Tsunami
Jason Knight
Ron Zombie
New Jack
"Hurricane" John Walters
Gary Michael Cappetta
Kid Kash
Karl Lauer
Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
Percy Pringle III / Paul Bearer
Vince Vicallo
"Big Sky" Henri Blanchard
Mike Studd
Brandon Jay
D-Lo Brown
"Smooth Operator" Tre'
Spider  (RIP 1982 - 2005)
Matt Cail
Jimmy Jact Ca$h
Tommy Knoxville
Arch Kincaid
"Ragin' Beast" Bryan Wenzell
Aaron Morrison
Furio Falcone
Reno Chastaine
Janelle Alamain
The Mighty $hellberg
Mick Foley / Cactus Jack / Mankind / Dude Love
Rich Palladino
Andre Lyonz
Pete Mulloy
Ox Baker's Executioner Brian Milonas
Billy Kryptonite (WWE's Chad Dick)
George "The Animal" Steele
"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
Greg "The Hammer" Valentine
"The Genius" Lanny Poffo
The Iron Sheik
"Polish Power" Ivan Putski
"Road Warrior" Animal
"The Duke of Dorchester" Pete Dohrety
Dustin "Goldust" Rhodes
"Cowboy" Bob Orton
Matt Logan
"The Ugandan Giant" Kamala
The Masked Rebel
"Mr. 630" Jerelle Clark
"Jurrasic" Karl
"Canadian X" Kenny Omega
Franklin D. Churchill
Adrian Street
Miss Linda
Sir Oliver Humperdink
Jack Brisco
"Big Cat" Ernie Ladd
Terry Funk
Jon Thornhill
Pierre "The Beast" Vachon
Damian "The Pitbull" Vachon
Bob Granada
"The Crafty Veteran" Leo Venis
The Texas Outlaw
The Islanders
Bryan Logan
Pure Power
Nick Narcisstic
Paul E. Normous (RIP 2010)
Canadian Superstars (J-Busta & Dave Cole)
Gary Gold
Chris Blackheart
Jake "The Snake" Roberts
The Sandman
Test  (RIP 2008)
The Missing Link  (RIP 2007)
Ricky Landell
Greg Spitz
Johnny Fabulous / John Cena Sr.
Fergal Devitt
Paul Ellering
The Pink Assassin
Harley Race
"Black Lotus" Matt Ledge
Al Snow
Big Sexy Beasts
Tim Kilgore
Pat Gunner
Johny Reyes
Tommaso CIampa
Al Ticineto
Kofi Kingston
The Untouchables
Nick Bockwinkle
"Cowboy" Bill Watts
Danny Duggan
Frankie Kazarian
Antonio Thomas
"Future Legend" Luke Robinson
Eric Bischoff
Tito Santana
Ax & Smash Demolition
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Malice Malenko
"BIg Bear" Andrew Countis
Jackson Blue
Joey Mercury
Alex Shelley
Benny Jux
Psycho Mike Sain
Sledge Robertson
Mike Nice
"Luscious" Lee Bradford
AJ Styles
"Black Machismo" Jay Lethal
"Superstar of Sin" Scott Reed
Chris Jericho
Chris Sabin
Dino Chastaine
Rudy Galluccio
Gary Toplitt
Scotty 2 Hotty
Sean Patrick
Brigitte Nielsen
Chase Delmonte
Larry Zbyszko
Max Bauer
John Bradshaw Layfield
"Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff
"Superstar" Billy Graham
Luna Vachon
"The Shaft" Bobby Ocean
Awesome Kong
Robbie Ellis
Terri Runnels
Nikki Valentine
Julian Starr
"East Coast Cowboy" DJ Dubay
Jivin' Jenna Coofer
The Boogeyman
Luscious Von Johnson
JJ Dillion
"No Clue" Bobby Von Johnson
The Candyman
Doink The Clown - Matt Borne
Jim Ross
Elia Markopoulos
Dan "The Beast" Severn
"Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase
Shelton Benjamin
Joey Sivlia
Jay Freddie
Gino Giovanni
Sonny Yee 2000
"Playboy" Jimmy James
Matt Taven
Kaval / Low-Ki
Tony Garea